Our red waste chutes: A saving all down the line


Have you noticed our red chutes around town? They draw attention not only because of their scarlet color, but also because of their substantial sizes.

At Impact Scaffolding, the provided waste chutes are of high quality thanks to their tough plastic. The benefit of a resistance better than that of the competition is that the chute never breaks, which helps the customer save money because they don’t have any post-operation costs. The chute must be resistant and correctly installed because some debris can cause damage if the quality of the plastic is poor.

Each project is unique and requires equipment that can be adapted to the needs of the customer. The waste chutes of Impact Scaffolding are perfectly adjustable because of their innovative chain system that can be adjusted at a high of 36-42 inches per section.

When building or renovating, we seldom think about the waste chutes and about the way to get rid of debris. This is not what is put forward and yet, it is a key element on a construction site.

The waste chute is at the heart of any construction and the very essence of a site’s cleanliness. Without it, the waste needs to be brought down to the first floor, which can cause injury to employees.

Impact Scaffolding found the solution to this problem, and the most resistant and the most beautiful chutes on the market are available for rent.